Simply Pink Makeup Tutorial

by - March 24, 2015

Hello everyone~!

How are you doin'?
Today I'm making Simply pink makeup turitorial using mostly maybelline products including their new clear smooth all in one shine free cake powder.
I also make a video (my first video about makeup, yay) about this look and my impression about maybelline products that I used in this makeup turitorial but still uploading it to youtube, so I will update it to this post as soon as possible :)

Alright let's get started~!!

I don't use other base like foundation or BB Cream because my doctor said I mustn't wear any makeup on my face for now, but powder is fine la~ hihi

I'm using an eyelid tape to make my eyes bigger. I mean Double eyelid tape since I'm a monolid LOL

Then I applied eyeshadow in soft pink for the base 

and burgundy color on the crease.

After you blend the eyeshadow, apply eyeliner.

Next, curl your lashes and apply mascara.

Apply to your lower lashes too.

Continue with eyebrows. Draw your eyebrows with one or two shade lighter than your hair color.
I'm using maybelline fashion brow cream pencil in brown (review soon).

Use natural type fake eyelashes to give bigger eyes and longer lashes effect.

Also a fake lashes on your lower lash

Okay, no lower fake lashes, lol :P

Don't forget apply pink lipstick to complete your look.

Last, apply blusher with shimmer in soft pink color in your cheek.

and nose too!

Tadaa~ You're done :)

This look is perfect for you who wants to get sweet look to the party but still look natural. 

The step by step is very simple and I think it's easy to follow.

I'm sorry because I rarely make a makeup turitorial haha. I promise will try to create other look and post it on my blog <3

What do you think? 
Please leave comment bellow ^O^/

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post

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  1. ciee dde sekarang alisnya dah mulai cetar nih yeee hehehe

    1. Ciee.. hahaha iya nih abis jadi model kak shahnaz dicukur beda bentuk >.< nanti mau bikin rata lagi kalo udah tumbuh

  2. Oh very cute makeu tutorial
    Now I´m following you in GFc#109
    I hope your follow me back

  3. Kalo pakai bb cream dulu baru pakai cake powdernya bakal terlihat terlalu putih ga kira-kira ? XD

    Mind to followback? :3

    1. halo.. nggak kok, kalo bb creamnya agak putih dikamu bisa timpa pakai ini denga 1 shade yang lebih gelap :)

  4. beautifful..!!
    saya kasih jempolnya sepuluh deh sis, jhehe
    finish nya kesannya matte sis
    salam kenal ya cantik, visit juga blog saya nih.. :)