OOTD & FOTD (yesterday) - OLIVE des OLIVE Kawaii outfit

by - December 23, 2013

 Hello guys~ How are you? ^^

Today I'll blog about my OOTD & FOTD.
Yesterday was a very tiring day because I goes to many place~ (from 9 am and I reach home at 11 pm)
The worst thing is I have to put my make-up in a moving car and I'm just trough PMS =_="
Alright, Let's start with the OOTD~

This is me at the living world mall.. the decoration is so blinky & beautiful haha ^^
I really love my outfit that day because it gives me wintery feel~
the skirt and bag are made from wool & has warm colors~ the bag is so fluffy and warm haha lol~ :P
Skirt : OLIVE des OLIVE
Bag : Snidel
Shoes : iMAROON

 This me with my little sister, she's only 10 years old and already this tall! oh gosh~

 With the chirstmas tree~

Okay, let's move to the FOTD~

This is the picture of me without eyeliner because I can't use eyeliner when my daddy driving like hell haha lol XD
My eyes looks so sleepy without eyeliner and eyelid tape >.<
btw, I already put eyelid tape before out from home but at car i realized the left one is not same with the right eye so I remove and put the eyelid tape again because I left all my eyelid tape at home and it doesn't stick on my eyelid anymore so I put it away T-T

This is after I gonna go to the next place~ finally the car is stop lol, I can used my eyeliner <3
 I know the end is to long because at first I want to make puppy eyes but I too scared to line my lower eyes because I don't bring make-up remover and I only bring waterproof eyeliner *arghh* T-T and it become like that :P

Face  : holika holika clearing BB cream
Eyes : Y.E.T perfection gel eyeliner black, etude house oh my eyelash mascara volume, the face shop lovely me ex :eye pink shimmer, mukka eyeshadow
Lips : Y.E.T very mert tint red apple

Alright, That's for today, thank you for spending your time to read my blog~
See you on my next post <3!

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